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We focus on our clients' most critical issues & opportunities

What if I told you that the most vital asset your company possesses is NOT your technology, capital, or profits...Would you believe me? It's something far more crucial. It's your people—the driving force behind your success.

At 4 Staffing, we understand the unparalleled value of exceptional talent. We pride ourselves on being masters at uncovering true gems in the job market. And we have an innovative staffing solution tailored to meet your unique needs—a solution that we guarantee will exceed your expectations.

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Contract, Temp, Temp-to-perm & Contingency Solutions

Whether you have an urgent short term need to fill or a key performer for the long haul... We have a solution to fit your needs to find the best talent for your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If your in-house recruiting team is overwhelmed or you don't have one consider our RPO services for greater flexibility, limit long term expenses and risk. Let us help you quickly scale up or down as needed to meet your ever changing staffing needs.

Retained Search

Looking to hire that one elusive executive or multiple individual contributors we provide access to high-quality candidates, specialization, confidentiality, customized search, along with comprehensive screening that will save you time, reduced risk, and provide our expert third-party perspective.

Agile Sprint Sourcing Services

Our team's agile staffing sprint approach means that we can fill your open positions more quickly than traditional staffing firms. This is because we use a collaborative and iterative approach to sourcing and evaluating candidates, which allows us to quickly identify the best fit for a given role. This is a must try if you are looking to hire for multiple roles within a limited period of time.

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Why choose Us

Best in breed for your most critical staff augmentation needs and placement services

  • What truly sets 4 Staffing apart is our approach to what we do. Our goal is not simply to fill your role or find you a job, but to build lasting relationships that can grow your business, your career and our network of very satisfied customers.

  • Our clients include all the leading names in our specialist industries, and we have a worldwide network of contacts that has been built up over more than 20 years of recruiting. We can give you instant access to roles across a broad range of industries and on project sites across the continental United States. Our affiliate recruitment network is broad and deep allowing us to tap into talent and networks traditional staffing agencies could never dream of.

  • Our Technology

  • Build by recruiters and IT professionals our company uses one of the most integrated and functional candidate-to-job matching systems ever developed. Our database, of tens of thousands of pre-qualified candidates, makes us the real "Monster" of the staffing world. Our proprietary software combined with our years of experience and excellent customer service guarantees your satisfaction.

  • Integrity

  • Every decision made is done in the best interest of our clients and candidates. It is our priority to cultivate and maintain mutually respectful relationships. Without being influenced by short-term gain, we hold ourselves accountable for creating long-term value.

  • Passion

  • It’s the heart and soul of what we do and is evident in the way our people approach their work. It fuels our commitment to listen and provide the best experience to our diverse group of clients and candidates.

  • Open Communication

  • Without it, ideas get lost, or worse, misinterpreted. We at 4 Staffing foster an entrepreneurial environment that embraces ideas and feedback from all of our consultants, clients and candidates.

  • If you're not 100% satisfied with our service we want to know about. Contact Us and a quality assurance representative will contact you. Thanks -Management

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