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Retained Search


You can trust our team of experts to find you that once in a generation candidate.

Our Retained search services are a specialized form search to find and recruit top-level candidates for key leadership and mission critical positions. Allow us to focus all of our attention on completing your project. We'll take the time to personally meet with you so we can fully understand your needs. We'll do a complete market analysis by researching your industry and competitors.
This is ideal if you are trying to keep the opening confidential from internal as well as external eyes & ears. We'll insure the candidates we find are only presented to you without your own employees ever knowing.

The benefits of our retained search services include access to elusive, highly desirable and executive level talent, thorough candidate evaluation, confidentiality, industry expertise, access to passive candidates, and comprehensive support. These advantages contribute to successful placements, helping your organization secure top talent that can drive their strategic vision and long-term success.  Some advantages are: 

  1. Exclusive Focus on elusive talent and executive roles your organization will benefit from our expertise and resources dedicated to identifying and attracting top talent.

  2. We conduct thorough research and market mapping to identify potential candidates for these roles to ensure that your organization has access to a wide range of high-caliber candidates.

  3. We conducts in-depth interviews, assessments, and reference checks to thoroughly evaluate each candidate's qualifications, cultural fit, and leadership potential. This comprehensive evaluation process helps ensure that the candidates presented to your organization have undergone a rigorous vetting process and are well-suited for the position.

  4. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, particularly when conducting searches for high-level executive positions. We handle the search process discreetly, protecting the privacy of both the organization and the candidates. This discretion is crucial for sensitive situations such as succession planning, executive replacements, or confidential searches.

  5. Our experts possess deep industry knowledge and insights and can advise your organization on talent strategies, market competitiveness, and leadership succession planning.  We provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the search process, ensuring the organization makes informed decisions.

  6. Our network of candidates typically are not actively seeking new opportunities but could be open to considering roles if presented with the right opportunity.  You too can leverage our relationships and networks to engage with these passive candidates, increasing the chances of attracting highly qualified individuals who may not be accessible through traditional recruitment channels.

  7. Our team will provide end-to-end support throughout the search process. Acting as a trusted partner, collaborating closely with you and your organization to understand its unique needs, culture, and strategic objectives.  We will guide you through every step of the search, from defining the role requirements to negotiating and closing offers. This comprehensive support ensures a smooth and efficient search process.


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