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Staff Augmentation Services


We help businesses fix their critical staffing issues and grow faster

Contingency Placement Services:  

You give us your job description along with the key details and we will track down the most qualified applicants for your position. There are no up front costs to you the employer, nor to the applicants we represent. Reviewing resumes and interviewing our candidates is 100% free. There is no charge to the employer until an applicant is hired and has started. Under this arrangement, there are no costs unless we deliver. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities-we won't let you down.

Overall, partnering with us for contingency placement services provides you with access to a wider talent pool, saves time and costs, leverages industry expertise, streamlines screening and evaluation, ensures confidentiality, and assists in negotiation and offer management. These benefits contribute to a more efficient and highly effective hiring process, increasing the chances of finding the right candidates for your organization.  And we only get paid when you hire that perfect candidate... you have nothing to lose from trying this approach! 

Hiring for an exact skill? Why not try before you buy! These offerings allow for greater staffing flexibility where you can get around budget constraints. A great solution if you need to keep permanent headcount down. There's no hassles at the end of the assignment. You can hire for a specific purpose or project. Candidates are normally available immediately. Minimize employer liability, avoid IRS scrutiny from 1099 issues and office politics.

Contract staffing:

Contract Staffing offers several advantages as it provides flexibility in managing workforce needs, as your company can quickly hire skilled professionals for specific projects or to cover temporary vacancies. It also allows you to tap into specialized expertise without committing to long-term employment. For individuals, contract staffing offers the opportunity to gain experience, work on diverse projects, and potentially transition into full-time employment.

Temporary Staffing:

Temporary staff are often hired to fill in for employees who are on leave, to handle seasonal workloads, or to assist with special projects or events. This solution provides your company with the flexibility and scalability in managing your workforce. You can quickly bring in temporary staff to address short-term needs, and once the assignment is complete, the employment relationship ends.  And since the temporary employee knows upfront that the assignment will end in a given time period there are no hard feelings.  Temp employees often enjoy the flexibility of working short term assignments as they pursue their other passions and endeavors.  


The temp-to-perm arrangement allows your company to assess the capabilities and fit of a candidate before making a long-term commitment. It provides an opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their skills and work ethic and potentially secure a more permanent position within your company if both parties are satisfied with the arrangement.  Employers can evaluate candidates in a real work environment, reducing the risk of hiring the wrong person. Job seekers have the chance to showcase their abilities and potentially secure stable, long-term employment.  A great way to "try before you buy" for both the employer and employee...

We at 4 Staffing have extensive network and resources to tap into a large pool of qualified candidates. With long established relationships with job seekers and access to passive candidates who may not be actively searching for new opportunities we can find that highly skilled and suitable candidate for your open positions.

Consider the advantages: 

  1. Access to a Wider Talent Pool

  2. Time and Cost Savings

  3. Expertise and Industry Knowledge

  4. Streamlined Screening and Evaluation

  5. Confidentiality and Discretion

  6. Negotiation and Offer Management

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